effective and affecting songwriting ”

John Schaefer

Beautiful, thoughtful, smart music largely built around her very approachable and warm voice”

NPR Music

sincerely, e

it brings forth semblances of goodness through confronting the emotional and tangible stress and confusion every human being faces” - Chuck Armstrong

No Depression

It is no surprise that the songs, which internalize the anxieties of solitude juxtaposed with the overstimulated chaos of the world, would result in a Laura Nyro-esque landscape of intimacy and identity. But these heady themes are not downers, as Ziman fuses them with jazzy, indie-pop melodies that are as captivating as they are luscious. Counterintuitively, she used isolation to look beyond the self and embrace the larger, if mixed-up, world outside with a grace and elegance sorely missing from much of today‚Äôs music.” - Amos Perrine

No Depression

Released in March of 2021 after about a year of sheltering at home due to the COVID-19 virus(es), the 12-song set wasn't merely inspired by themes of isolation, hope (and hopelessness), and things like virtual connectivity, it dives into them with both feet, classically trained piano hands, and a heavy dose of no-nonsense wit.”

Marcy Donelson, ALL MUSIC


together, alone

pop the placebo