Art by Wendy Mark / Photo by Seth Caplan

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Years of performing in New York City clubs and touring internationally have honed a natural ability that brings Elizabeth Ziman’s colorful imagination, smart lyrics and catchy melodies to life -- a testament to why this singer-songwriter, who performs as Elizabeth and the Catapult, is often found collaborating -- most recently with Sara Bareilles on Apple TV's "Little Voice" and with Paul Brill on award winning documentaries.  

Elizabeth and the Catapult's fifth studio album was born out of a need during the pandemic shut down to cope with the breakdown of communication. It was recorded in her living room during quarantine and is her first fully self-produced album. 

sincerely, e is a comforting salve - to soothe and nourish listeners and lovers of music - after a most confusing and emotional year. sincerely, e was released March 2021 to great critical acclaim.

Photo by Seth Caplan


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